Michelle Katics

Founder & CEO, BankersLab

Lending olympics: Manage your virtual bank in a team competition
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CreditLab® is an award winning simulation-based training course designed to not only facilitate a deeper understanding of retail credit risk concepts, but also to develop sharper portfolio management skills. This interactive workshop offers participants a chance to test-drive their technical expertise in a ‘flight simulator for bankers’, managing virtual consumer lending portfolios.

Now begins your chance to test drive the ‘flight simulator’. You’ll join a team of 4-5 members and battle it out against the other teams. You’ll have to manage four retail lending portfolios (secured and unsecured loans) across two markets (emerging and mature). Create your portfolio strategy, and the team with the highest net income after two years wins the round!

In this module you will have to:
* Allocate your limited marketing budget among four portfolios.
* Create your underwriting standards that are combination of credit policy, credit scores, verification standards, and override thresholds.

Michelle Katics