Dimitrios Salampasis

Doctoral Researcher, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

A human agenda for innovation in financial services

The aim of this presentation is to emanate the aspect of human developement when it comes to finding ways of creating a financial system that sustains the economy, the people and the planet itself. In the realms of financial services it is important to understand when is innovation doing the right thing. Financial innovation is all about tackling real demands shifting the focus of developement economics from national income accounting to people - centered policies.

The world is being faced with unprecedented, extrateritorial global challenges, requiring immediate action. Especially when it comes to global humanitarian crisis the challenges are many and multipolar. By taking a closer look in the three areas of the Millenium Developement Goals (Human Capital, Infastructure, Human Rights) financial Services need to use innovation to increase the individual’s human capabilities and advance the means to a productive life.

By combining the Financial Innovation and the Sustainable Developement Paradigms, this presentation brings forward examples on environment/ society/ humanity and show how the anthropological view of Financial Innovation can focus on the next generation of Financial Services, contributing to the world and social progress.

Dimitrios Salampasis is a Doctoral Researcher at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology in Luxembourg and a PhD Candidate in Industrial Engineering and Management at the Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland. His research interests revolve around topics in business innovation management in the financial industry focusing on open innovation, trust, organizational and individual readiness and management of human capital. Furthermore, he is conducting research in the realms of the Millennium Development Goals in relation to human development, financial inclusion and humanitarian innovation, along with, the exploration of innovative strategies towards education, training and life-long learning and development in the financial industry. He is also involved in consulting activities contributing to the shaping and development of Global FinTech Innovation Labs and entrepreneurial activities in the technology start-up scene (mobile payments, money transfers, loans, fundraising and asset management), along with, the associated reworking of financial regulations, transparency, customer behaviour and sustainable growth.

Dimitrios Salampasis