Yao Ti

Business Development Associate, Stradegi Investment Management Consulting

Performance & Attribution - A managed service

Traditionally performance functions in asset management firms have relied upon dedicated performance teams using inhouse systems to run the performance and attribution analysis. A lot of time is spent in making sure that data quality is reliable, cleansing the data, doing data reconciliations etc. so that the final portfolio and benchmark numbers are reliable.

We are betting that rather than using an inhouse system - software as a service - delivering performance as a service is much better value for the clients. By investing in automation and having dedicated resources, we are able to create an efficient service that delivers better TCO to the clients. Cost, capability and scalability are the key advantages that this service brings to the table.

Ti Yao started her career working in investor relations of US listed companies for several years. Now she works as a business development associate for Stradegi Consulting Firm being responsible for developing the company’s branding and growing its business. She holds a master degree wealth management from a joint program of the Singapore Management University and Yale University.

Yao Ti