Rakhil Fernando

CEO & Investor, Kashmi

Kashmi – Social payments for friends

Kashmi is a mobile, peer-2-peer payments application focused on Asia. Users of Kashmi will be able to send or receive money from anyone in their country of residence as long as they have either an email address or phone number, Money can be exchanged in just a few seconds (3 clicks), regardless of which bank a user belongs to. Users can top up their Kashmi accounts using their credit cards, debit cards or by wire transfer.

Kashmi will also have a number of key value-added features such as
* Social Features (in-app chat, global sharing feed)
* Tracking (simple and easy system to keep track of IOUs to individuals and/or groups
* Merchant Payments (small vendors to accept Kashmi payments at low cost, Kashmi Mastercard to allow for retail spending)
* P2P Lending
* Cross Border Remittances

Kashmi CEO Rakhil Fernando has over 8 years of experience in finance with VP positions at Credit Suisse and Coutts & Co. He is also a serial entrepreneur with successful ventures in apparel and hospitality. Rakhil has a degree in aerospace engineering from Embry Riddle University.

Rakhil Fernando