Kevin Mak

Director, Ironfly Technologies

Ironfly Technologies - Revolutionizing trading to give you a competitive edge

This presentation outlines how Ironfly's advanced platform for real time data and analytics visualization and enables improved performance and compliance for market facing firms.

Kevin is a co-founder of real-time visual analytics and trading system firm Ironfly Technologies. From a background in Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Finance, he and the Ironfly team pull together those cross disciplinary aspects for Ironfly's unique product - delivering a cutting edge, technological solution adapting research from neuroscience and cognitive psychology. With professional experience as both a derivatives trader and market maker for a multi-national proprietary trading firm, and as a senior trader of a billion dollar equity hedge fund, Kevin and the team are acutely aware of the specific complexities and inefficiencies asset management have with their systems. Through new technologies and the ability to rapidly deploy customisations, Ironfly’s platform delivers client implementations in days rather than months, and continual insights in real-time rather than seconds or minutes.

Our platform specialises in delivering to asset managers instant insight in in continually changing environments and data. The client’s are able to analyze their portfolios/trades and respond immediately with our analytics, real-time data visualisation, and our customisable trading system. We’ve been providing these services for hedge funds so far, although we have just been selected to work with some of the bigger banks to see how the technology applies to them as well.

Kevin Mak