Bert-Jan van Essen

Founder & CEO, Dragon Wealth Asia

Is a robo-advisor a free elephant? Introducing the virtual advisor

Dragon Wealth offers the world’s first ‘marketing in a box’ designed specifically for financial advisors to connect more easily and more often to new and current investors. Dragon Wealth is a one stop marketing shop for financial advisors. It includes Upefy - an app connecting financial advisors to prospects and new investors which includes a suite of automated, tailored marketing campaigns targeting new and current investors, and INVESTO an app for investors which provides 24/7 access to their portfolio, news and new products, and importantly connects them to you in a way that saves you time and money.

Dragon Wealth is the marketing backbone for successful financial advisors, enabling financial advisors to connect with current and new investors in a single click, through instantly installed, integration-free, mobile apps for Financial Advisors and investors that cost from 99$ per month, and an automated marketing machine that does Financial Advisors marketing for them.

Prior to this, Bert-Jan was CIO for private banking at Credit Suisse in APAC. In this role he expanded across geographies, working with the leadership team in APAC to expand into four new locations: India, Taiwan, Australia and Japan.

Before this, Bert-Jan oversaw the implementation of online banking and front-office tools globally for Credit Suisse. With his team, he won the European Banking Technology award for “Best in class IT Strategy” in 2007. He was also Employee #3 of E-Loan, the first online loan provider in Europe. Between 1995 and 1997, as an early employee of Planet Internet, the first internet company in the Netherlands, Bert-Jan assisted the company to grow from start-up to acquisition.

Bert-Jan attended the Stanford University Graduate School of Business on the Executive Program for Growing Companies and holds an MSc. in Financial management from Universiteit Nyenrode in the Netherlands.

Bert-Jan van Essen