The previous editions of the InnoFinConf series of conferences has welcomed over 500 participants.
Be part of the growing international community of innovation practitioners and scholars active in the financial services sector!

Stuart Smith
Chief, Service Innovation Practice
Institute of Systems Science

"IFS 2013 was a great event for NUS Institute of Systems Science to take part in as it drew a wide range of participants and its focus on the intersection of academic theory and practice exactly suits the work we produce. We met many interesting delegates from across the world and several collaborative partnerships were established. I would recommend the event highly to anyone.”

Sandeep Bagaria
CEO, Tagit

“An intellectually stimulating experience and an opportunity to meet industry leaders. With active participation from both the financial industry and academia – the sessions provide varied points of view across a spectrum of topics. Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open (T. Dewar). I would strongly encourage anyone to attend the conference and open their mind to new ideas and views."

Anette Broløs
CEO Copenhagen Fintech Innovation and Research

"I have attended the Innofin conferences in 2011, 2012 and 2014. The conference offers exiting examples of research and innovation in financial services as well as great networking opportunities. The Innofin conference is an important initiative to engage academics, business representatives and entrepreneurs in developing new knowledge in the field of financial and services. A must for any financial or fintech cluster."

Fernand Grulms
Member of the Management Board, Luxembourg Bankers' Association (ABBL)
(at the time of the event)

"I had the opportunity to participate in IFS 2013 in Singapore. The program had an interesting mixture of plenary sessions and interactive workshops. What I particularly appreciated was the variety of interventions/presentations where academia met practitioners. Good networking opportunities also."

Dieter De Smet
Researcher, Public Research Center Henri Tudor

“The IFS series of conferences has grown greatly since its creation and offers the opportunity to engage in genuine exchanges oriented towards a future collaboration. I would recommend attending IFS 2014 if you are an innovation researcher in the financial sector and its ecosystem (e.g. consulting, training, IT and regulation) looking to expand its industry and academic network. Last but not least, professionals can draw from the research results that will be presented (e.g. surveys or case studies), discussing the proposed methodologies and possible implications for their company.”

Denis Dennehy
PhD Candidate, University College Cork
Winner of the 2013 Best Paper Award

"I have participated to IFS conferences for the past three years as it has provided me with the ideal platform to present my research to an international audience of industry experts and established academics. This has led to several collaborations and access to a network of innovation professionals that provided me with unique industry experiences. In addition, I was able to identify suitable case studies for my research and to get my research peer reviewed and published in the journals associated with the conference. I definitely recommend attending this series of conferences!"

Dimitrios G. Salampasis

Doctoral Researcher, Public Research Center Henri Tudor
Winner of the 2012 Best Paper Award

"Attending the IFS conferences for two years now in a row, in Luxembourg and in Singapore, has been a truly amazing experience. I got the opportunity to discuss cutting-edge topical themes in relation to innovation in and for financial services with leading academics, innovation practitioners and industry leaders. I also got the chance to receive very constructive feedback on my research, while at the same time engaging into fruitful discussions on contemporary issues and being exposed into an international vibrant and enthusiastic environment. Overall, an unforgettable experience and a must-attend event for everyone involved in innovation within the financial industry , everyone who wants to be fully aware of all the new developments, trends and shares the willingness to shape and see the future of the industry unfolding. Looking forward to attending this year's event in Montreal!"

Rob Kauffman
Associate Dean (Research) and Professor of IS
Singapore Management University

"Making financial services innovations requires deep knowledge of strategy, technology, business processes and the financial services sector’s business ecosystem. IFS 2014 is a valuable conference to attend if you want to meet people who know the industry and innovation landscape from the inside out and outside in. Tech consultants and finance pros, strategist and economists, journalists and agency researchers are all represented. Montreal is great place to go to share your research and policy work, and learn from others."