What is InnoFinConf?

It is is a specialized international conference focusing on innovation in and for financial services. It is organized on an annual basis in prime financial services centres across the world aiming at building dynamic connections between financial industry leaders, academic researchers and policy-makers, while attracting representatives of start-ups, incubators and innovation labs, active in the financial industry.

Innovation in and for financial services is a multidimensional and multipolar phenomenon expressed in various forms, practices and typologies. The financial services sector is a foundational sector of the worldwide economy seeking solutions and best practices to embrace innovation and face the multipolar challenges of the 21st century global and constantly changing economy.

InnoFinConf aims at:

  • providing a cross-cultural networking platform for financial services professionals and members of the academic community from all over the world
  • showing in practical terms the role and importance of innovation in and for financial services and accentuating the multidimensional impact for the industry, the worldwide economy and the society
  • discussing cutting-edge topics on innovation for financial services and paving the way of the future of the financial industry
  • embracing and appreciating the overall spectrum of innovation reflected in the intersection between the key FinTech aspect and the academic perspective
  • empowering international networking, knowledge and best practices sharing and collaborations

InnoFinConf offers a multilevel and dynamic platform, enabling participants to get together, network, discuss emerging topical themes and share experiences, research outcomes and best practices, while at the same time being informed on the latest developments in the field of innovation in and for financial services.

InnoFinConf is a non-commercial event.