Call for Papers/Submissions

Submissions from academic, research, consulting, industry, intermediary and policy organizations are strongly encouraged and should focus on the themes below.
You can submit structured outlines, which can be upgraded later, to full papers which are eligible for the special issues associated to this conference:


Consult the Call for Papers

Structured outlines

Please highlight and use the following headings (max. 500 words in total):

  • Research purpose – What is this research about? What are its underlying rationales?
  • Type of research paper – Conceptual, State of the art, Empirical (qualitative/quantitative)
  • Methods applied for data collection, data analysis
  • Main findings of the research
  • Main theoretical contribution
  • Main managerial / policy implications
  • Limitations and avenues for further developments

It is appropriate to submit an outline relating to an ongoing research project, with e.g. the data collection process still being ongoing. Nevertheless, this should be stated in the outline and the Author(s) should be transparent about the expected status of the paper by the submission deadline and by the conference date.

Structured outlines or full academic research papers can be submitted by email to

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