Call for Challenges/Problems

The INNOFIN2015 conference is a perfect venue to engage in exchanges with potential solvers of your innovation challenge (problem)!

Submit your challenge on managing innovation in your organization and work with the conference delegates will come up with a solution. We are specifically calling for problems (challenges) of managing innovation in a financial services setting. We offer conference participants the opportunity to tap into the collective wisdom of the conference delegates and challenge them with a task you are facing. Challenges may be related to the design of new products and services, the implementation of new processes, the automation of transactions, the design of new organizational structures, the selection of new partners or the definition of new ecosystems. Submit your specific challenge the program committee will work with the conference delegates to find new innovative solutions.

This is what you can expect from a dedicated session

  • A specialized, cooperative setting aimed at fostering and speeding up the problem-solving process
  • Any size or type of financial services company can submit their innovation challenge (problem)
  • The community of experts from various innovation and business disciplines (economics, finance, ICT, ...) will be participating

Submit your innovation challenges

Mail the following information to

Give a name or acronym to your challenge.

Explain as briefly as possible the context of your innovation challenge.

Current understanding
Explain what you know about the underlying problem, what you know, what you tried, baseline conditions and ideas that you tried or heard of somewhere (professional and academic literature, industry examples, ...)

What is sought, what are your critical requirements of a good solution?
Provide the constraints (technological, operational, economic, organizational, cultural, etc.) based on your needs. What would be your indicators for a fitting solution?